Today is “Eviction Day” for me. LVAH laparoscopic removal of my uterus, tubes, and cervix.

I’m ready to release what no longer is serving me.

I’m ready to be free of this PAIN, looking 5 months pregnant, and these “alien babies” – aka large fibroids.

I’m ready to reclaim my body.

Fibroid Awareness - Sacred Womb Uterus Removal

Two of my soul sisters held a “Sacred Womb Removal” ceremony for me last night, where I gave thanks for all my uterus has done for me (carrying my two children).

Knowing my womb wisdom and who I am as a woman expands beyond the limitations of my physical uterus.

My surgery begins at 9:30am ET this morning. I’m open to receiving prayers, positive vibes and extra doses of love.