This Is 50!

Today is my 50th birthday celebration! I’m celebrating life, celebrating the gift of being ALIVE, and celebrating all my heart + soul have done and become since I took my first breath on this crazy blue planet.

50th Birthday Celebration

For My 50th Birthday Celebration…

  • I’m celebrating living life on my own terms.
  • I’m celebrating that I’m a goofy, loving mom.
  • I’m celebrating that I’m a loving tender being ready to deeply love and be deeply loved.
  • I’m celebrating that I’m quiet + introspective and require stillness + refueling.
  • I’m celebrating that I love to play + have fun + be silly + dance like nobody’s watching.
  • I’m celebrating that I live with my heart wide open.
  • I’m celebrating all of my amazing friends, family, and soul sisters (and soul brothers).
  • I’m celebrating loving my body.

I’m celebrating that I’m stepping into my 50s….

  • Uncaged.
  • Allowing my heart + soul to guide me.
  • Full of Priestess, Peaceful, Powerful Presence.
  • Moving through all fear and other strong human emotions.
  • Knowing there is the most magnificent journey still ahead of me.
  • Trusting. Trusting. Trusting. Trusting. Trusting.

This is 50.

This is going to be a decade full of MAGNIFICENCE.