An ode to feminine strength, the new hotel celebrates women’s
accomplishments through provocative and immersive art and design.

When I heard that Hotel Zena’s lobby is dominated by an extraordinary portrait of the late, honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I started to pay attention.

From what I’m told, Hotel Zena, is a bold new cultural hub celebrating the accomplishments of women and recognizing their enduring struggle for gender equality. It’s an interactive venue where every architectural line, material and art installation was thoughtfully designed and curated to send a message of female empowerment.

Situated at the nexus of Downtown D.C. and the vibrant Logan Circle neighborhood and renewed 14th Street, the 191-room hotel is not only a story about women. It’s also a celebration of people who work together to achieve fundamental civil rights, in a warm, dynamic, and inviting hotel with comfortable spaces featuring artwork commissioned to create a message of empowerment and hope.

“We created a safe gathering space that celebrates diversity, respects different points of view, and opens the floor to topics worthy of meaningful conversation. We know we’re pushing boundaries and might even make some people uncomfortable – and we’re okay with that.” – Jon Bortz, CEO of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

Conceptualized by the internationally award-winning design firm Dawson Design Associates (DDA), every curve of the architecture was designed to lead to another moment of discovery for those with the time to explore.

Hotel Zena’s Artwork

Provocative art and design are at the core of Hotel Zena, where guests are immersed in over 60 pieces of gallery-quality art created specifically for Zena by a distinguished group of artists from around the world working globally for the cause of human rights. The art revolves around the courage of some of the world’s most notable people and their fight for inclusivity and change. All the pieces are original and painted, photographed, sculpted and stitched by feminists of both genders with powerful stories to share.

“Hotel Zena was created primarily by women, for people, both women and men. It is a hotel that offers a haven for all genders, races, and sexualities; where an atmosphere of strength and femininity live in harmony,” – Bill Walshe, CEO, Viceroy Hotels & Resorts. “

Ummm… did he just say a hotel was just created with the intention of the feminine and masculine living in harmony? If this intention is really true, this makes my heart very happy.

Extraordinary Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Conceived by Andrea Sheehan and produced by Julie Coyle Studios, which has 20,000 hand-painted and repurposed tampons, is a contemporary, intimate spin on this classic art form. This unique portrait honors both Justice Ginsburg’s life-long dedication to women’s rights & equality AND her humor in the most personal and intimate form.

Hotel Zena Uses Protest Buttons for Artwork

Another iconic installation, there is a curving wall layered with 8,000 protest buttons representing generations of marches and events promoting the feminist movement, pays tribute to America’s 100th anniversary of the Women’s Right to Vote.

Numerous art pieces created by regional artists can also be found throughout the hotel.

For more information about Hotel Zena’s art collection, go here.

A final note about staying safe during COVID.

Hotel Zena practices all Viceroy Promise of Cleanliness protocols, including physical distancing and mask requirements, hand sanitation stations, and guest rooms disinfected with hospital-grade products, plus thoughtful amenities such as in-room touchless, voice-controlled Google NestHubs virtual concierges. Hotel Zena is also part of AHLA’s Safe Stay® cleaning and safety program, the industry’s adopted program, and processes for maintaining and ensuring all guests’ and associates’ safety.

 To learn more about Hotel Zena, visit: or follow on Instagram at @hotelzena.